St. Louis Brews
200 Years of Brewing in St. Louis, 1809–2009
by Henry Herbst, Don Roussin, and Kevin Kious
Reedy Press is excited to announce the forthcoming publication of St. Louis Brews: 200 Years of Brewing in St.
Louis, 1809–2009. Due in the fall of 2009, this full-color, hardbound, 8-½″ × 11″, 300-plus page book is filled
with hundreds of historical images. The book is the only comprehensive volume ever published on St. Louis’s rich
brewing tradition! This once-in-a-lifetime volume—researched and written by authors Kevin Kious, Henry Herbst,
and Don Roussin—covers everything from John Coons beginning in 1809 through the Anheuser-Busch InBev merger. A
sampling of the breweries featured includes:
American Brewing Co.
Anheuser-Busch Inc. .
Cherokee Brewing Co. .
Columbia Brewing Co.
Falstaff Brewing Corp.
Gast Brewing Co.
Green Tree Brewing Co
Griesedieck Bros. Brewing Co
Hyde Park Breweries Assn.
Klausmann Brewing Co.
Wm. Lemp Brewing Co.
Schorr-Kolkschneider Brewing Co.
Stifel’s Union Brewing Co.
Wainwright Brewing Co.
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